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Night Shyamalan Praying with Anger (1993)

Wide Awake (1998)

Sixth Sense (1999) is a mediocre box-office product, with an implausible script full of contradictions, plagued by a thoroughly trivial spiritual message, badly directed and badly acted.

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Night Shyamalan: Sixth Sense (1999) Il film comincia con lo psicologo di successo Malcolm, premiato per la sua opera sui bambini, e sua moglie Anna che si baciano felici, ma qualcuno e` entrato in casa: e` un pazzo seminudo, Vincent, che accusa il dottore di aver fallito, si suicida e gli spara.
Malcolm si riprende dalla ferita ma non si e` invece ripresa la sua vita emotiva, tanto da distruggere il suo matrimonio. Per redimersi ai propri occhi, Malcolm decide di prendersi cura di un bambino intrattabile, Cole, che i compagni di scuola prendono in giro. In breve riusce a guadagnarsi la sua fiducia. Il bambino gli rivela allora il suo terribile segreto: e` capace di vedere e sentire i morti, tanti, sempre, dappertutto. La scuola, per esempio, e` piena di corpi impiccati perche' fu un tribunale. Il dottore gli crede, anche perche' il bambino da` prove schiaccianti, e lo "cura" consigliandogli semplicemente di dare ascolto ai morti invece di esserne soltanto terrorizzato.
L'accorgimento funziona e il bambino sembra guarire. Un giorno rivela il segreto anche alla madre, portandole persino un messaggio dalla nonna.
Nel frattempo la relazione di Malcolm con la moglie naufraga, e Malcolm puo` soltanto nutrire gelosia per l'uomo che la moglie frequenta.
Malcolm e` morto mentre racconta la storia. E` uno dei fantasmi che il bambino ascolta, cosi` come sente gli altri morti.
Il film (orrendo, lentissimo, patetico) finisce di brutto, come se fosse stato lasciato a meta`. Il regista ha cercato di lanciare un messaggio "spirituale" sulla connessione fra questo mondo e l'aldila`, ma e` come se lui stesso si fosse annoiato a morte all'idea.

The Village (2004) is an implausible fairy tale.

A 19th century village has long lived in seclusion believing that evil creatures dwell in the surrounding woods and would punish the village if anyone attempted to leave. A young man, Lucius, is determined to try, despite the fact that his own father died in trying. He believes that the spirits will understand he means no harm (he simply wants to get some essential medicines for the village). He refuses the love of a wonderful girl because it would interfere with his mission. Her sister Ivy, a blind girl, is the only person who supports him. Whenever the creatures enter the village, all the inhabitants take refuge in underground shelters. They listen in terror to the loud steps and catch glimpses of the red hoods wandering in the streets ("those we can't speak of"). Lucius understands he is the cause of their latest visit. Ivy and Lucius fall in love. The fool of the village, who was fond of Ivy, knives Lucius, who lies between life and death. Ivy decides to go to the city and look for medicines, despite the fact that she is blind. She takes off and is soon abandoned by the kids who were supposed to protect her. Nonetheless she continues (and mysteriously finds the right direction in a wood that she has never entered before!). At home, her father confesses that the elders created the spirits (the red hoods and the loud steps) because they wanted to protect the village from the evil influence of the city: the village was created by people who suffered terrible losses. (He sent his own blind daughter in the forest knowing that the whole thing is a fake?) Ivy meets one of the spirits (red hood and everything). She is terrified but manages to outsmart the evil spirit (who falls into a hole and dies). Back to the village, we see that the fool has escaped and stolen the costumes that the elderly use to scare the village (the fool knew the truth?) So the monster chasing Ivy was only the fool obsessed with her, determined to bring her back. She continues and eventually reaches the city. A ranger sees her (it turns out the village is located inside a protected park) and helps her get the medicines she needs (thus the film is not seet in the past: only the village lives in the past). But he seems to fall in love with her and also gives her a transmitter that she unknowingly carries back to the village. Back home the elders reminisce how they decided to leave the city and all its evils and found a community in an imaginary past. Ivy makes it back to the village, but Lucius has already died. The elder have decided to tell the village that he was killed by the creatures (Ivy is still unaware that he was all a charade, since she believes that a monster chased her in the woods). But the ranger has given her a transmitter than can help locate the village...

Lady in the Water (2006)

Cleveland is the stuttering manager of an apartment complex who lives an awful life. One day a movie critic moves in. Cleveland has been puzzled for days because someone has been using the pool at night. This time Cleveland catches the intruder. It is someone who can stay underwater a long time and pulls Cleveland into the pool. He wakes up in a room, watched by a young fairy. Her name is Story and she is scared because a monster wants to kill her. A young sexy tenant tells him that the story is a bedtime story for children, that she learned from her Chinese mother: the fairy is meant to meet someone, and she knows that it is a writer, but the monster wants to kill her before that happens. Cleveland finds a young tenant who is writing a book and introduces them, hoping that he is the right one. The sexy girl's mom tells Cleveland that only three beings that live in trees can protect the fairy from the beast. The bedtime story is actually about a cosmic battle between good and evil. Little by little the Chinese lady tells Cleveland the whole story, and Cleveland decides that Story's story is very important for humankind. She needs the help of three humans, and Cleveland goes out of his way to find them within his building. Cleveland's own secret is that his entire family was killed. He is maybe trying to redeem himself by saving the fairy and therefore the whole of humanity. The fairy is nonetheless attacked and seems dead. The dog eats the movie critic who references "Ghostbusters". The entire population of tenants cooperates with Cleveland to solve the riddle, even a child. They manage to defeat the evil beast and bring Story back to life. The cosmic battle consumes itself in front of them.
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