China's trips - 2017

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Wuhan (January 2017)

Optics Valley

Optics Valley

The first company of Optics Valley

Note the four bodyguards that followed me everywhere

I had to sign more than 200 books

Posters of the event


No idea what it says but they artistically retouched the picture to make me look 30 years younger!

Rotating poster on the highway
(click for the video)

CSITF 2017 in Shanghai

Millionaires Club in Shanghai - April 2017


Book promotions in Beijing - April 2017

Hangzhou's AI Conference - June 2017

Tsinghua Univ - June 2017

Preparing to speak at Tsinghua Univ

Dark Horse - June 2017

Tanjin World Intelligence Congress - June 2017

Youshu live streaming - June 2017

Vanity: 50,000 followers

Human 2.0 voted #1 book of the year for young people