Joseph Jarman
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Alto saxophonist Joseph Jarman (1937) headed a sextet (with tenorist Fred Anderson, piano, trumpet, bass, drums) for one of the pioneering works of the AACM, Song For (october 1966). Its 14-minute Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City and 13-minute Song For were typical of the soundsculpting aesthetic that was being created. Jarman, who often employed multimedia presentations (particularly poetry and dance), based the former on a poem of his, and conceived the latter as an exploration of empty space. As If It Were the Seasons (june 1968) contained two side-long group improvisations, Song For Christopher and As If It Were the Seasons for an even broader ensemble. Both focused on the space where music happens, the latter contrasting a naive theme with the emptiness in which it floated. Frank Lowe's Black Beings (march 1973) contained Jarman's Thulani. Jarman's albums after joining the Art Ensemble Of Chicago displayed a progression towards more and more sophisticated harmonies: the live solo Sunbound (december 1976), the multi-part suite Egwu-Anwu/ Sun Song (january 1978) with Don Moye, and especially Magic Triangle (july 1979), a trio with Moye and pianist Don Pullen. Jarman and Moye continued their partneship with more accessible works such as Black Paladins (december 1979), in trio with a bassist (and devoted mostly to covers), Earth Passage (february 1981), in quartet with a bassist and a trombonist (and containing his multi-part Zulu Village), Inheritance (december 1983), in a quartet with a bassist and pianist Geri Allen (Inheritance and Love Song For A Rainy Monday). But best was Calypso's Smile (march 1984), a set of duets with Moye that including Morning Desert Song and Treibhaus Tribal Stomp. After a long hiatus, Jarman returned with a duet with Marilyn Crispell, Connecting Spirits (january 1996), containing his Meditation on a Vow of Compassion, and a quartet with violinist Leroy Jenkins, pianist Myra Melford and bassist Lindsey Horner, Out Of The Mist (october 1997). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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