Jason Moran
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Texan pianist Jason Moran (1975) found a compromise between impressionist classical music, energetic bebop and moody new-age music on Soundtrack to Human Motion (september 1998), arranged for a small ensemble, and Black Stars (march 2001), for a quartet with Sam Rivers. The solo piano program of Modernistic (april 2002) used studio effects to bridge ancient jazz piano and contemporary sound.

The Bandwagon: (november 2002) documented a trio with Tarus Mateen on bass and Freddie Waits on drums, and was followed by Same Mother (may 2004) and Artist In Residence (2006).

Ten (recorded in 2009), Moran's first album in four years, was performed by the Bandwagon trio (Moran plus bassist Tarus Mateen and drummer Nasheet Waits). It contained a potpourri of compositions, ranging from a ballet to a soundtrack.

Trio 3 (bassist Reggie Workman, drummer Andrew Cyrille and reedist Oliver Lake) and pianist Jason Moran recorded Refraction - Breakin' Glass (july 2012).

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