Pictures of Mt Muir

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Notes of this trip
Click here for pictures of Mt Whitney's trail before the crest

Mt Muir to Mt Whitney from the regular Whitney trail

Mt Muir

Mt Muir

Past this notch in the trail

there it is: Mt Muir

Mt Muir from the trail

A cairn on the trail

The pinnacle across the trail

The summit block

Yes, that steep

The starting point to the lower notch

The upper notch is above the chockstone

You have to stick your hands under this rock to support yourself as you traverse to the upper notch

Once you are on the other side, the same move looks safer

The upper notch

Traversing to the right

Coasting the monoliths

Scrambling to the summit boulder

The register is not on the highest boulder

The trail (right)

The 96 switchbacks

Mt Whitney

Owens Valley

See Mt Whitney for the view at the top

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(Copyright © 2007 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions - Termini d'uso )
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