Best of 2013 California hikes

("Somewhere" is not a place)
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...with a few exceptions, these hikes were not on a trail...
(listed in chronological order, which roughly means from the easiest to the toughest)

Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz

Clouds Rest, Yosemite

View of Tenaya Canyon:

View of Yosemite Valley with Half Dome and El Capitan:

Death Valley

Sand Dunes:

Zabriskie Point:


Hiking from the lowest point (Shorty's Well) to Telescope Peak:

Hiking from the lowest point (Shorty's Well) to Telescope Peak:

North Guard via Sphinx Lakes

Sphinx Lakes:

Sphinx Lakes:

Towards Sphinx Pass:

Mt Brewer:

Mt Shasta

Mt Williamson

The Moon over the George Creek drainage:

The short cut to the top (the "red chute") that i discovered:

Mt Trojan

Wright Lakes:

View of Mt Tyndall and its lakes:

Great Western Divide:

Mt Langley

Old Army Pass:

Cottonwood Lakes:

View of nearby mountains with Mt Whitney sticking out:

Mt Whitney's North Fork Route

North Fork route:

North Fork route:

Mt Whitney's east face (the route to the top is on the right):

Iceberg Lake:

The monolith that marks the notch to the top and Mt Russell in the background:

The notch to the top:

View of Owens Valley:

Mt Russell

Iceberg Lake from the Russell-Whitney Pass:

Arctic Lakes from the Russell-Whitney Pass:

Mt Whitney from Mt Russell:

North Palisade

Lakes on the way to Bishop Pass:

Lakes on the way to Bishop Pass:

Lakes on the way to Bishop Pass:

Lakes on the way to Bishop Pass:

Lakes on the way to Bishop Pass:

Dusy Basin:

Barrett Lakes:

Both Barrett Lakes and Dusy Basin:

Thunderbolt Peak

Isosceles Lakes:

Split Mt

View from the top:

View from the top:

White Mountain Peak

Mt Winchell

Lake 2:

Deer in Lake 3:

Lake 3:

The three lakes:

Reflection at Sam Mac Meadow:

Dusy Basin:

The Palisades:

Mt Sill

The last lake:

The Palisades glacier:

Mt Tyndall

Mt Tyndall from Shepherd Pass:

Milestone Peak:

Mt Whitney in the background:

The Williamson Bowl:

The Great Western Divide:

Mt Kafka

Finger Lake:

Middle Palisade reflected in Brainerd Lake:

And some hikes outside California

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

White House:

Spider Rock:

Spider Rock:

Bryce Canyon, Utah

The Subway, Zion, Utah

East Rim, Zion, Utah

From Observation Point:

Echo Canyon:

Best picture of the hikers

This year the title goes to Andrey, who summited Mt Shasta in shorts, biking helmet, gardening gloves, little more than a trash bag to warm up, and, of course, no crampons.

Ephrat, on a good day the fastest hiker in the world:

Best picture of wildlife

A meditating marmot on Mt Langley:

A chipmunk on the way to the Palisades:

Deer in Upper Basin:

Bighorn sheep in Zion:

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