Best of 2015 California hikes

("Somewhere" is not a place)
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...with a few exceptions, these hikes were not on a trail...
(This time i listed them in inversed chronological order, otherwise my yearly "best of" pages always start with the short spring hikes that can be misleading)
My guarantee: No Instagram No Photoshop No Filters, just the way it is.

Glacier Point and Panorama Trail, Yosemite

Panorama (north) from Glacier Point

Panorama (east) from Glacier Point

Cathedral Lakes, Echo Peaks, Sunrise Lakes in Yosemite

Panorama from Cathedral Peak to Budd Lake

Panorama: last view of the Echo Peaks (Mt Tolkien is all the way to the right)

Warren Canyon to Lundy Lake

Panorama: Saddlebag Lake

Lake Oneida

Koip and Kuna Peaks (about 4000m)

Panorama: Alger Lakes, Ritter/ Banner in the middle top, Lyell to the right

Panorama: view north with Dana and Mono Lake

White Mountain - East and West peaks

Mt Morgenson (4245m)

Panorama: Mt Russell, the unnamed lake below it, Tulainyo Lake, Tunnabora and the Cleaver from the pass

Panorama: Tunnabora to Carillon

Panorama: Williamson to Tulainyo

Whitney to Hale

Tunnabora, Tulainyo, Russell, Whitney

Great Western Divide and Kaweah range

Barnard, Williamson, Tulainyo

Tunnabora, Cleaver and Russell (Carillon is covered)

Echo Pass

Mt Williamson from South Bairs Creek

View from Whitney to Versteeg (Trojan in the middle, Barnard slightly in the back)

View from Versteeg to Williamson, the summit in the middle

Sixty Lakes Basin and Rae Lakes

Panorama: Views from the pass

The 60 lakes

At the Rae Lake

Mt Ericsson

Panorama towards Lake Reflection and Milly's Pass

Lake Reflection from the northern tip

Lake Reflection, Mt Brewer, etc

View west from the top of the chute

View of Mt Ericsson from the top of Weyman's chute (Lucy's pass is in between)

The view west from Lucy's Pass

View west to Mt Stanford, Harrison Pass and Caltech Peak

The Great Western Divide

Mt Stanford to Caltech Peak again

Mt Hoffmann, Yosemite

(This doesn't even count as a hike, just a quick jog up this little hill, but the view deserves a spot)

View south (Yosemite Valley)

View east

Clouds Rest and Half Dome

Half Dome

May Lake to Ten Lakes, Yosemite

Panorama: May Lake

View of the lakes

View of the lakes

View of the lakes

Disappointment Lake, Western Sierra

The Courtright Reservoir

Fleming Lake

Mountains above Tagore Lake

Three Sisters, Western Sierra

Cliff Lake

The Great Western Divide

The three sisters from Island Lake

From the Race Track to Panamint Sand Dunes, Death Valley (40 kms)

Race Track (east ridge)

Race Track (north and east)

Lake Hill

Panamint sand dunes

At the sand dunes

Lake Hill from a hill to the southeast (the Panamint Sand Dunes are way in the back, a white strip up on the mountain)

Sweeney Ridge, Lindamar, Pedro Summit, Montara Mountain

View of the Bay from Sweeney Ridge

View of the ocean from Sweeney Ridge

Hiker of the Year

This woman who was trying to pass people on "the most dangerous hike in the world" (according to National Geographic) - Hua Shan in China. The most interesting thing is the number of locks that have been hung on the ropes of this "trail". The locks are good-luck charmers. You do need good-luck charmers on this hike, don't you, not helmets of course.

Animal of the Year

This bear that walked straight towards me on the Bubbs Creek trail in Kings Canyon, in a place surrounded by thick vegetation and by a deadly cliff, i.e. no way to escape. I took the picture, then moved slightly out of the collision route, she passed in front of me and continued totally indifferent to my presence, and i started breathing again.

The marmot that raced me up Mt Hoffmann:

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