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Children's Stupidity and Adult Intelligence

  • Human babies are the dumbest babies in the animal kingdom
  • Other animals start walking and eating right after being born; human babies need to be fed and protected for years
  • Human parents need to take care of the most helpless babies in the animal kingdom
  • The dumber the children, the smarter the parents have to be in order to keep them alive
  • Dumb children require very smart adults in order to survive
  • Dumb children explain why human intelligence is the best in the animal kingdom
  • There is a direct correlation between the degree of intelligence in the adults and the degree of "stupidity" in their offspring
  • You create very intelligent parents by giving them very dumb children to watch, protect, lecture, etc
  • There is a self-reinforcing loop at work: because humans make the dumbest children, they must be very intelligent adults; and, viceversa, in order to produce intelligent adults the children must be very dumb
  • I wonder if a similar self-reinforcing loop is at work on the intelligence of technology: does technology make dumber humans in order for humans to invent smarter technology to deal with dumber humans, technology which will in turn make humans even dumber?