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Political articles of 2017

December 2017:
November 2017:
  • USA: What is wrong with White Anglosaxon Christians?
    What have Catalonia, Kurdistan, Chechnya and Tibet in common?
    October 2017:
  • China's New Era (a History Lesson for Westerners) and a History Lesson on Prussia (for the Chinese)
  • Alexis Madrigal on fake news during the 2016 presidential campaign (Atlantic)
  • The smartphone and the attention span (Guardian)
  • How to create a self-conscious machine (Wired) August 2017:
  • Critique of the PURE report (Huffington Post)
  • Critique of the PURE report (Protein Power)
    The biggest scam in the Middle East: Israel's war on Iran
    Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
    September 2017:
    USA: Who invented fake news (or: A brief history of the Left in the West)
    North Korea just Proved that China is a Paper Tiger
    The North Korean Crisis: A Tale of Two Madmen (or just one?)
    August 2017:
    Trump at Charlottesville
    July 2017:
    Why China will be the new moral and political leader of the world
    June 2017:
    Hillary Clinton, loser
    May 2017:
    USA: Where we stand with the Trump-Russia investigation
    Let's make China great again
    April 2017:
    "Vladimir" Trump bombs Syria
    March 2017:
    USA: What's in "Vladimir" Trump's tax returns?
    The Balkanization of Syria
    USA: Vladimir Trump, Russia's stooge
    February 2017:
    USA: Trump's omissions tell it all
    USA: Is Trump preparing a terrorist attack on the USA?
    January 2017:
    USA: "Vladimir" Trump welcomes sponsors of terrorism and bans fighters of terrorism
    USA: "Vladimir" Trump's unstoppable march towards the Russification of the USA
    World: The Future of Fake News
    USA: "Lock Him Up": Trumpism and the UNITED states
    "Lock Him Up": Trumpism and the world

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