Piero Scaruffi's Editorial Internship Program offers college students and recent graduates a unique opportunity to be involved in many aspects of a website's editorial procedures.
Interns work on a part-time, unpaid basis for three to six months and receive practical experience in critical reading and analysis, research, fact checking and the general workings of an on-line archive and magazine.
Each intern works closely with Piero Scaruffi, an author and journalist with over twenty years of experience and thirteen published books.
Each intern takes part in the creation of the on-line archive and magazine, and is encouraged to generate ideas.

Applicants should have experience with independent on-site research.

The internship will consist in researching contemporary art, mainly through art events worldwide such as this one to identify contemporary artists who fit in general themes/categories such as "Time", "Life", "Mind", etc regardless of the media employed.
This internship requires roughly a 10-hours-a-week commitment.
Your contribution will be acknowledged in the Art section of the web site, will constitute a significant reference in your curriculum vitae, and may become one or more chapters of a future edition of the book.

E-mail a resume