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A guide to its main attractions
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This page provides a list of the main things to see in Russia. "++" identifies the top attractions.
  • Kizhi Pogost (in Karelia)
  • St Petersburg: +Francesco Rastrelli's Monastery of Smolnji, +Hermitage, Winter Palace (1817) with Louise Bourgeois' sculpture "Maman" (1999), Cathedral of Smolny Convent (1764), Rastrelli's Stroganov Palace (1754), New Holland Gate, Tsaritsyno Palace with neo-gothic bridge by Bazhenov, Zacharov's Admiralty Gate (1823), Rossi's Palace Square, Rossi's Theater Street, Thomas de Thomon's Stock Exchange, Leblond's water gardens at Peterhof, Leblond's Palais de on Plaisir at Peterhof, Leblond's Marli Pavilion
  • Kizhi: +wooden churches, +Preobrazhenskaia Church with 12 domes (1714)
  • Tsarskoe Selo: Rastrelli's Palace (1756) with Cameron Gallery Domenic Tressini's Fortress of St Peter and St Paul (1725), Kunstkamera (1725)
  • Moscow: ++St Basil the Blessed (1560), +Kremlin (1495), Fioravanti's Cathedral of the Assumption with frescoes (1479), Alevisio Novi's Church of the Archangel Michael (1509), Cathedral of the Anunciation (1490), Cathedral of the Ordination (1486), Marco Ruffo's Redeemer Gate (1491), Marco Bono's Ivan Veliki Tower (1542), Andronikov Monastery (1360), Novodevich monastery (1524), State University on Lenin Hill, Simeon Stolpnik church on Kalinin Prospekt, Konstantin Meinikov's Rusakov Workers Club (1928), Golosov's Zuyev Workers Club (1928), Ernst Neizvestny's "Tree of Life" (1998) inside the footbridge Bagration, Georgy Frangulyan's "Wall of Grief" (2017)
  • Just outside Moskow: Church of the Ascension (1532), Church of st John Baptist (1547)
  • Kolomenskoe: Church of the Ascension (1532)
  • Dyakovo: Church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist (1554)
  • Dubrovitzy: Church of the Virgin of the Sign (1704)
  • Zvenigorod: Cathedral of the Savvino-Storozhevsk (1407)
  • Zagorsk: Troitse-Sergieva Lavra/ Monastery of the Trinity and St Sergius (1476)
  • Kolomenskoe: Church of the Ascension (1532)
  • Buryatia (near Lake Baykal): giant head of Lenin, world's largest monumental head
  • Novgorod: St Sophia (11th c), Cathedral of the Transfiguration (1374), Church of the Savior on the Nereditsa (1199), St George Church (1119) of the Yuriev monastery,, Church of St Nicholas (1292), Church of the Saviour Ilina (1372) Church of St Theodor (1362), Monument to "1000 Years of Russia" (1862), Peredki's church of the Nativity of the Virgin
  • Rostov: Kremlin (17th c)
  • Uglich: Cathedral
  • Pskov: Kremlin (15th c), Arguzhsk church (frescoes of 1189), Pogankiny Palaty
  • Vladimir: Cathedral of the Dormition (1189), Cathedral of St Dmitri (1197), Church of the Protection of the Virgin on the Nerl (1165, outside town), Cathedral of the Assumoption (1189) with frescoes of the Last Judgement (12th c), Golden Gate (1164), Boogolyubovo tower (1165), Zolotoy bridge (2012)
  • Kostroma: Ipatiev monastery, +Church of the Resurrection, Museum of wooden architecture
  • Vitoslavitsy (near Veliky Novgorod): Museum of wooden architecture
  • Pereyasalvl-Zalessk: Church of the Savior (1152)
  • Yuriev-Polski: St George Cathedral and reliefs of the facade (1234)
  • Sochi: Sky Bridge (the world's longest pedestrian bridge)
  • Smolensk: Church of SS Peter and Paul, Kremlin (1602),
  • Suzdal: Cathedral of the Nativity of the virgin (1225), Pukrovsky Cathedral (1518), Museum of wooden architecture
  • Podporozhie (Archangel): Church of the Trinity (1727)
  • Kirillov: Monastery of Kirillo-Belozersky (1135)
  • Vydubetsk monastery: Cathedral
  • Archangelsk: Wooden Gagster House
  • Kareilia/ Kizhi open air museum: The Raising of Lazarus Church,Muromansky Monastery, oldest wooden church in Russia
  • Kizhi: Church of the Transfiguration (1714)
  • Altai mountains
  • Kamchatka
  • Magadan (Far East of Russia): Ernst Neizvestny's "The Mask of Sorrow" (1996)