Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra attractions

The Sierra Nevada mountain range is the highest in the USA and Canada outside of Alaska. The road to visit this area is Highway 395.

Attractions along 395 include

Hiking the Eastern Sierra

  • Sierra Nevada peaks
  • For details on the hikes, see Hiking in California
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    Recommended restaurants (2012)
    • Nicely's in Lee Vining (in town, but closes early evening)
    • Jenny's Cafe in Independence (one block north of the Courthouse, pricey but big portions and tasty)
    • Village Cafe in Bishop for breakfast
    • La Casita in Bishop for Mexican food
    • Imperial Gourmet in Bishop for Chinese food
    • Upper Crust Pizza in Bishop for pizza and wi-fi
    • The Bakkery in Bishop is wildly popular for bread and dessert
    • After the High Sierra Cafe closed in Lone Pine, i can't really recommend any restaurant there: they tend to be overpriced.`
    Showers (2012)
    • North of Lee Vining on the left-hand side is a campground (Mono Vista RV Park) that has showers for $2.50
    • The store/cafe at Whitney Portal (the Mt Whitney trailhead) has showers for $3
    • The Whitney Portal Hostel in Lone Pine has showers for $5 that include towel and soap
    • The laundromat in Bishop on Warren St (one block from the library) has showers for $5 but only at odd hours
    • The Bishop Creek Lodge on the South Lake road has (expensive and brief) showers for $7
    • The gas station and motel in Big Pine at the corner with Glacier Lodge Rd
    Internet (2012)
    • Most libraries have wi-fi, except Bishop's library that has the old-fashioned terminals (on the other hand Independence's library does not have a power outlet for your laptop).
    Gasoline (2012)
    • Bishop is a good place for gasoline, especially the casino north of town
    • The gas station just north of Independence is even cheaper
    • One place to avoid is Lee Vining: most expensive gasoline in the region
    • There are many campgrounds in the Eastern Sierra. Most tourists tend to get stuck in the widely advertised campgrounds near the towns but the best, quietest and cheapest campgrounds are to be found along the roads that go west from highway 395. Visitor centers and ranger stations have brochures with the full list. I don't list my favorites because i don't really want hundreds of people to congest them! It is also legal to pitch a tent at many trailheads, but there might be no toilet, water fountain, etc.