Favorite hikes, views and lakes in California

piero scaruffi
Hiking in California | Pictures of these hikes | Peaks of the Sierra Nevada

Most spectacular views

  1. Mt Tyndall, Eastern Sierra
  2. Mt Morgenson, Eastern Sierra
  3. Mt Barnard, Eastern Sierra
  4. Mt Agassiz, Eastern Sierra
  5. Mt Stanford, Eastern Sierra
  6. Mt Keith, Eastern Sierra
  7. Caltech Peak, Eastern Sierra
  8. Crest of Mt Whitney's regular trail, Eastern Sierra
  9. Clouds Rest, Yosemite
  10. Old Army Pass, Eastern Sierra
  11. Banner Peak, Ansel Adams Wilderness
  12. Thunderbolt Pass, Eastern Sierra
  13. Sphinx Pass, Kings Canyon
  14. Middle Palisade, Eastern Sierra
  15. Glen Pass, Eastern Sierra
  16. Sentinel Dome, Yosemite
  17. Bishop Pass, Eastern Sierra
  18. Yosemite and Mono Lake from the peak south of Mt Warren, Hoover Wilderness
  19. Split Mt , Eastern Sierra
  20. Kearsarge Pass, Eastern Sierra
  21. Mt Tamalpais, Bay Area
  22. Mt Sill, Eastern Sierra
  23. Dewey Point, Yosemite
  24. Glacier Point, Yosemite
  25. Dick's Pass, Desolation Wilderness
  26. Half Dome, Yosemite
  27. Mt Brewer, Kings Canyon

My favorite lakes

  1. Darwin Canyon (between Mt Lamarck and Mt Mendel)
  2. Garnett Lake (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
  3. Sphinx 3 and 4 (Kings Canyon)
  4. Cottonwood 4 and 5 (Army Pass)
  5. East Isosceles (Bishop Pass)
  6. Sixty Lakes Basin
  7. Long Lake (Bishop Pass)
  8. Evolution Lake
  9. Finger Lake (north of Middle Palisade)
  10. Disappointment Lake (from Courtright Reservoir)
  11. Cecile Lake (Minarets region of the Ansel Adams wilderness)
  12. Lake Mills (below Mt Abbot)
  13. Fontanillis Lake (Desolation Wilderness)
  14. Cathedral Lake (Yosemite)
  15. Upper Kearsarge Lake
  16. Mono Lake
  17. Lake Tulainyo (Mt Russell)
  18. Middle Velma Lake (Desolation Wilderness)
  19. Rae Lake 2
  20. Potluck Lake (west of Potluck Pass, south of Scimitar Pass)
  21. Bass Lake (Point Reyes)
  22. Lake Tahoe

Some favorite hikes

(in parentheses the degree of difficulty) and in the Bay Area: (10 = mission impossible, 0 = piece of cake)

Hiking in California | Pictures of these hikes | Peaks of the Sierra Nevada | piero scaruffi