Fun Lovin' Criminals
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Come Find Yourself , 6/10
100% Colombian , 4/10
Loco , 4/10
Welcome to Poppy's (2003), 4/10

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Fun Lovin' Criminals (one vocalist, one drummer, one multi-instrumentalist) New York Come Find Yourself (EMI, 1996) hip hop, jazz and rock Fun Lovin' Criminals Passive Aggressive I Can't Get With That Beastie Boys

The Barry White tribute Love Unlimited is the highlight of 100% Colombian (EMI, 1998), and that tells how boring their guitar sound can get (Scooby Snacks, Korean Bodega, Big Night Out).

Mimosa (EMI, 1999) is an album of remixes and rarities.

Loco (EMI, 2001) opens with heavy-metal guitars (Where The Bums Go) but soon sinks in a languid, lounge soul (Half A Block).

Welcome to Poppy's (Sanctuary, 2003) is equally lame.

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