Jay Lesser

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San Francisco's Jay Lesser (real name Jason Doerck) broke ranks with the pompous electronica of the early 1990s and opted for bizarrely phantasmagorical spastic dada-electronica on I Hate Me (1990) and Excommunicate the Cult of the Live Band (1996). Thanks to his oddly incoherent conception of rhythm, Gigolo Cop (1997) straddled the border between noise and dance, in the process redefining both. His grotesque take on drum'n'bass peaked with Welcome to the American Experience (1997) and Mensa Dance Squad (2001), leading to the chaotic beats of Gearhound (Matador, 2001).

Suppressive Acts: I-X (Matador, 2003), one of his least convincing pranks, seemed lost between heavy metal and hip hop.

Elder Bits (2012) contains two suites for home-made synths.

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