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Through The Windowpane (2006) , 6.5/10
Red (2008), 5/10
Walk the River (2011), 5.5/10

The Guillemots, led by old-fashioned crooner Fyfe "Dangerfield" Hutchins, were the British "next big thing" of 2006. Their Through The Windowpane (Polydor, 2006) was yet another collection of three-minute pop songs, except that the degree of melodrama was indeed exceptional (If The World Ends, Trains To Brazil, Made-Up Love Song #43). The 12-minute Sao Paolo was, mostly, an affirmation of grandeur.

Red (2008) was a mediocre follow-up that veered towards stereotypical Brit-pop.

Fyfe Dangerfield was more commercially successful as a solo vocalist.

The more ambitious Walk the River (2011) tried to recapture the pathos of the first album, but the lengthy Sometimes I Remember Wrong and Yesterday Is Dead failed to sustain the tension and ultimately backfired.

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