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English duo Jazzfinger (Ben Jones and Hasan Gaylani) merged the schools of noise, drone and glitch music on The Little Girl On The Plane Who Turned Her Dolls Head Around To Look At Me (1998). It took them a long time to return to that idea, but, when they did, it became an avalanche: Ugly For A Living (2005), The Well Of Used Dreams (Classic English Womb, 2005), Iron-Age Credentials (2006), Slowed By The Grace Of Water (2006), The Glass Key (2006), Autumn Engines (Rebis, 2006), etc. As usual with prolific composers (or, better, "recorders"), the artistic value was very low. Generally speaking, the longer pieces fared better: the 17-minute Shadow Moose, off Winter's Shadow Between Two Worlds (2006); the 28-minute Crimson Whale, off Listen and Vanish (2007) the 24-minute Caves, off off Wixxon Flag Bearer (DNT, 2007); etc.

Grief To Grind The Fire (Blackest Rainbow, 2008) contains two lengthy black drone-concerts.

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