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Brit-pop band Kasabian (Tom Meighan on vocals, Sergio Pizzorno on guitars and keyboards, Christopher Karloff on guitar, bass and keyboards, Chris Edwards on bass, and Ian Matthews on drums), formed in Leicestershire, England, started out as a 5-piece unit with Karloff and Pizzorno as chief songwriters. They debuted with Kasabian (RCA, 2004), containing their hit Club Foot and Processed Beats, and they followed it up with Empire (Columbia, 2006), containing Shoot the Runner. Karloff left the band before the album's release, however he contributed some parts to it. From then on they continued as a quartet with Pizzorno becoming their sole songwriter. Their third album was West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (Columbia, 2009), with Vlad the Impaler, after which they released Velociraptor! (Columbia, 2011) and became a quintet again, making their touring guitarist Jay Mehler a permanent member of the band.

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