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Helm (London-based producer Luke Younger) was member of the prolific noise-making duo Birds Of Delay with Steven Warwick (aka Heatsick). Helm launched his solo career with limited-edition self-released recordings, some of which surfaced on the mini-albums Impasse (Low Point, 2008), such as the 15-minute noise/drone symphony Fields. After the drones & spoken-word suites of To An End (Alter, 2010), Helm reached his mature stage with two albums of field recordings and dark ambient music: Cryptography (Kye, 2011) and Impossible Symmetry (Pan, 2012).

Helm then managed to fuse the dynamic irregular character of found sound and the static regular character of loops and drones to craft the harrowing sci-fi industrial soundscapes of the EPs Silencer (2013), containing the grotesque and orgiastic Silencer, and The Hollow Organ (2014), whose Analogues and Spiteful Jester hark back to the sonic miasmas of early Throbbing Gristle. The subdued The Hollow Organ belongs to a different genre, an apparently mono-dimensional, static and relatively uneventful drone that is actually made of a multitude of colliding sonic events.

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