Francisco Goya (1746-1828)

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Analysis analysis Main works
  • 3 de Mayo de 1808 en Madrid (1814)- Prado, Madrid
  • El Milagro de San Antonio (1798)- San Antonio de la Florida, Madrid
  • The Burial of the SArdine (1814)- Real Academia de San Fernando, Madrid
  • Peregrinacion a la Fuente de San Isidro/ El Dia de San Isidro (1821)- Prado, Madrid
  • Aquelarre/ Witches' Sabbath/ Il Grande Caprone (1821)- Prado, Madrid
  • Vision Fantastica/ Asmodea (1823)- Prado, Madrid
  • Saturno Devorando a sus Hijos/ Saturn Devouring his Children (1821)- Prado, Madrid
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    Goya, Francisco de
    Goya, Francisco de
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