Rene` Magritte (1898-1967)

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Analysis analysis Main works
  • Le Double secret (1927) - Pompidou, Paris
  • Le Faux Miroir/ The False Mirror/ Faux Mirroir (1928)- Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • The Lovers (1928)
  • La Condition Humaine/ The Human Condition (1933)- National Gallery, Washington
  • La Duree Poignardee/ Time Transfixed (1935) - Art Institute, Chicago
  • The Traveler (1937) - Private, Brussels
  • Memoire (1938) - Menil Collection, Houston
  • Natural Graces (1942) - Prive, Brussels
  • Wonders of The World (1953) - Private
  • Golconda (1953) - Menil Collection, Houston
  • Where Euclid Walked (1955) - Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Clef de Verre (1959) - Private
  • La Chateau des Pyrenees/ Castle in the Pyrenees (1959) - Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Six Graces (1961) - Private
  • Son Of Man (1964) - Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Carte Blanche (1965) - National Gallery of Art, Washington
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    Magritte, Rene (1898-1967)
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