Alex Cline

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Alex Cline (1956), Nels Cline's brother, played drums for Vinny Golia and Julius Hemphill before joining his brother's Quartet Music. The solo percussion album Not Alone (1982) was his tour de force, followed by ensemble works such as The Lamp and The Star (1989), Montsalvat (1992), Sparks Fly Upward (1999), The Constant Flame (2001).

For People In Sorrow (2013) was a live recording of Roscoe Mitchell' 1969 masterpiece with Oliver Lake (saxes, flute), Vinny Golia (woodwinds), Dan Clucas (cornet, flute), Dwight Trible (voice), Jeff Gauthier (electric violin), Maggie Parkins (cello), Mark Dresser (bass), Myra Melford (piano, harmonium), Zeena Parkins (harp), G.E. Stinson (electric guitar, electronics), Sister Dang Nghiem (chant, bell) and Larry Ward (opening poem).

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