Amma Ateria

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Hong Kong-born Oakland-based electronic composer Amma Ateria (Jeanie Aprille Tang) specialized in computer-processed sounds from disparate sources. Vague Pure Affection (2019) contains the soothing cosmic music for (earthly) field recordings of Gravitations, that seems to swim inside quantum vacuum.

IMA was a duo with Japanese percussionist Nava Dunkelman that released the four-song EP Ende (2019) and the album The Flowers Die in Burning Fire (2019).

After the soothing hour-long Cicada 001 (2022), she released Concussssion I (2023), which documents a composition in progress, musique concrete that utilizes brainwaves of the composer taken during a period of recovery from a concussion, a piece that evokes the transition from quasi-death to other dimensions of existence and then back to life in an oceanic euphoria.

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