Mark Applebaum

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Mark Applebaum (USA, 1967), a composer and designer of electroacoustic sound events as well as a jazz piano improviser, a practitioner of Dada and John Cage-ian absurbism in the 21st century, quickly specialized in "trans-idiomatic improvisation and instrument building", whose extreme manifestations was Tion, scored for three conductors and no players, and polytimbral, polymorphous hybrid constructions as manifested in Zero-One (1990), a seven-minute solo for mousetrap, Martian Anthropology (2004) for mouseketier and orchestra, and Agitprop (2005), a concerto for mouseketier with jazz orchestra.

Martian Anthropology (Innova, 2004) compiles several of his "compositions". The double-disc The Bible without God (Innova) contains live mouseketier improvisations.

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