Anton Batagov
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Russian classical pianist Anton Batagov (1965) penned ambient music inspired by Buddhism. The 44-minute piece of I Was Looking At Green Trees For A Long Time (1994), the 51-minute piece of Walking Out To The Field And Playing Till The Early Morning Until The Sun Comes Out (1998), composed in 1996, the opera Dialog (1998) for telephone voice and minimalist score that was premiered in 1995, the film soundtrack Music For December (1998), recorded in 1994, and the four piano compositions of Music for Piano (1999 - RAIG, 2003), composed in 1995 and 1996, revealed his prodigious extra-classical immagination.

Around Deceptive Horizons (1998) and Fatherland (1999) collect music for television shows.

The triple-disc The Wheel Of The Law (Long Arms, 2002 - Listen Different, 2005), recorded in 1999, contains three composition/improvisations for organ, glockenspiel, xylophone, piano and percussion: Circle Of Time, Voidness cycle, Liberation Through Listening In The Between.

Music For The 35 Buddhas (Tummo, 2001) contains the 41-minute Like Dust That Covers The Mirror for piano, vibraphone, gongs and cymbals, that sounds like a zen version of minimalist music of the 1970s. (2003)

From The Beginning Up To The End (2004) collects brief compositions from the 1990s and the five-movement From The Beginning Up To The End (1990).

The 51-minute Tetractys (2004) for string sextet, inspired by Pythagoras' theories of music and mathematics, droning minimalism.

Music For Films (2005) collects five film soundtracks: The Woman's Role (1994), Unfamiliar Weapon Or The Crusader-2 (1997), U (1999), Kopeika (1999) and Times Of Change (2003).

Bodhicharyavatara (Tummo, 2009) mixed rock music, chamber music, spoken texts and his usual minimal/droning techniques. It features an unlikely rocking square dance with distorted guitar for Telo Tulku Rinpoche chanting an eighth century poem by Shantideva.

The Monk Thogmey's Thirty-Seven Precepts (Devotio Moderno, 2007) revolves around a poem by Gyalsey Thogmey Zangpo chanted by Lama Tsering Dondrub, but that's just a pretext to weave another dense filigree of keyboards, strings and percussion.

Lamrim (2009)

The Prayer of Samantabhadra (2012)

His extended form of classical music on Passionate Desire To Be An Angel (Devotio Moderno, 2013) yielded another more incursions into distorted rock music (Can You Feel The Rhythm, Opus Alchymicum) and unorthodox blends of prog-rock, minimalist repetition, ambient droning and folkish opera (Umbra Solis and especially the 30-minute Cunjunctio).

Batagov the pianist also released collaborations with electronic musician XMZ: The Piano And Other Sounds (Tummo, 2008) and II (Tummo, 2013).

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