Antoine Beuger

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Dutch composer Antoine Beuger (1955) created extremely submusical works such as the 70-minute composition Calme Etendue - Spinoza (Edition Wandelweiser, 2001) and the 24 Silent Harmonies In Discrete Continuity (Edition Wandelweiser, 2004).

A Young Person's Guide To Antoine Beuger (Slub, 2008) is probably not the best introduction to the composer because it collects the mediocre Tanzaku for eight bowed instruments (twelve brief barely audible droning pieces in various tones) and the laughable six-movement Sekundenklange for "an instrument with decaying sounds" (absolutely nothing happens while he sporadically plucks a string other than the "decay" of the tone).

Other notable compositions include Two and Too, two colossal "suites" that constitute the double-disc Two Too (2009), the 89-minute Keine Fernen Mehr (2010), the 47-minute Un Lieu Pour Etre Deux (2011), and the 51-minute S'Approcher S'Eloigner S'Absenter (2012).

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