Ian Boddy
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The Climb (Something Else, 1984) **
Spirits (Something Else, 1985) *
Phoenix (Something Else, 1986) ***
Jade (Something Else, 1988) *
Odyssey (Surreal To Real, 1990) **
Drive (Surreal To Real, 1992) *
Decade (Something Else, 1992) ** anthology
The Uncertainty Principle (Something Else, 1993) ***
The Deep (Something Else, 1994) ***
Continuum (Something Else, 1996) ***
Developing Technologies (De Wolfe, 1997) **
Rare Elements (Something Else, 1997) ***
Box of Secrets (Din, 1999) **
Outpost (Din, 2001) * with Robert Rich
Aurora (Din, 2002) *

Ian Boddy is a British pioneer of electronic music, specialized in Jarre-ian melodies and rhythms. His most typical work is probably Phoenix (Something Else, 1986), while The Uncertainty Principle (Something Else, 1993), overflowing with sound effects and samples of acoustic instruments, The Deep (Something Else, 1994), both his most powerful and baroque work, and Rare Elements (Something Else, 1997) are his most conceptual works.

Continuum is a selection from an eight-hour concert.

The 16-minute title-track of
Aurora (Din, 2002) is based on the Kyrie off Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli.

Arc is a collaboration with Mark Shreeve that yielded Radio Sputnik.

Lithosphere (DIN, 2005) is a collaboration with Robert Rich.

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