Cesar Bolanos

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Cesar Bolanos Cesar Bolanos (Peru, 1931) was a member of the artistic movement "Renovacion" with Edgar Valcarcel, Olga Pozzi-Escot and Andres Sas. After learning electronic music in New York in the late 1950s, in 1963 Bolanos relocated to Buenos Aires where he helped to set up an electronic and computer music studio for which he composed Intensity and Height (1964), a mix of gurgling electronics and distorted chatter, Interpolations (1966) for electric guitar and magnetic tape, a rather sparse soundscape in which random harsh tones of the guitar collide with minimal electronic currents, the three Spaces (1966) for magnetic tape, the Divertimento III (1967) for clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, piano, and percussion instruments, another "uneventful" sequence of sonic events, the multimedia cantata Alpha-Omega (1967), Flexum (1969) for woodwinds, strings, percussion, tape and voices, an agitated, chaotic and somewhat clownish eruption of sounds, the multimedia piece I-10-AIFG/Rbt-1 (1968) for horn, trombone, electric guitar, two percussionists and tape, a more structured and sensible stream of consciousness but ruined by spoken-word segments, and the 21-minute Nacahuasu (1970) for ensemble, perhaps his most ambitious composition but still quite poor in structure and development, as well as two collaborations with the mathematician Mauricio Milchberg, namely Sialoecibi ESEPCO I (1970) for computer, piano and actor, Cancion Sin Palabras ESEPCO II (1970) for computer, two pianists and tape, the latter achievement a bit of dramatic pathos (that was generally missing from Bolanos' compositions).

Peruvian Electroacoustic and Experimental Music (Pogus, 2010) is a career retrospective.

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