Martin Bresnick

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Martin Bresnick (USA, 1946) specialized in chamber music for both traditional and unconventional ensembles.

Music for Strings (CRI, 1995) contains String Quartet No. 2 "Bucephalus"' (1984) and String Quartet No. 3 (1992).

Opere della Musica Povera (CRI, 2000) contains assorted pieces for small ensembles, notably: Pine Eyes (1998), Bird As Prophet (1999), The Bucket Rider (1995).

My 20th Century (New World, 2005) contains chamber music scored for various small ensembles such as My Twentieth Century (2002) but mainly Grace (2000), a concerto for two marimbas and orchestra.

The Essential Martin Bresnick (Cantaloupe, 2006) contains String Quartet #2 "Bucephalus" (1984) and Trio for piano, violin, and violoncello (1988).

Every Thing Must Go (Albany, 2010) contains the saxophone quartet Every Thing Must Go.

Another highlight is the concerto for piano/keyboard and percussion quartet titled Caprichos Enfaticos (Cantaloupe, 2011).

Prayers Remain Forever (Starkland, 2014) collects pieces for solo instruments and for duos: the elegiac Going Home (2010) for oboe quartet, the stern quasi-minimalistic Ishi's Song (2012) for piano, the neurotic Josephine the Singer (2011) for violin (based on a Kafka story), Strange Devotion (2010) for piano, A Message From the Emperor (2010) for two speaking percussionists (based on a Kafka story), and especially the somber poignant fantasia Prayers Remain Forever (2011) for piano and cello

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