Francois Cambuzat
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Born in Vietnam, Francois Cambuzat left home at 16 and moved to London, New York, where he played jazz, and then Rome, where he played with the Kim Squad and recorded Young Bastards (Virgin, 1987), Notre Dame Des Naufragee (Virgin, 1988), and Uccidiamo Kim (Caesar, 1990). His next Italian project, Il Gran Teatro Amaro, released Port Famine (RecRec, 1991), Hotel Brennessel (RecRec, 1993) and Piazza Orphelins (RecRec, 1995)

After working with avantgarde composers Luciano Berio and Mauricio Kagel, his Italian-French trio L'Enfance Rouge recorded Swinnoujscie-Tunis (L'Enfance Rouge, 1995) and Reus-Ljubljana (L'Enfance Rouge, 1998), albums that straddle the border between jazz and chamber music. The trio was pared down to a guitar-bass duo for Taurisano-Cajarc (CPI, 1998) and Davos-Lerds (Audioglobe, 2000). A new line-up recorded Rostock-Namur (2002), Krsko-Valencia (2005), Trapani-Halq al Waady (2008) and Bar-Bari (2011).

The project Putan Club is a collaboration with multimedia artist Vincent Fortemps .

La Republique du Sauvage is a supergroup of sorts: L'Enfance Rouge with Les Hurlements d'Leo. They debuted with Constitution (Irfan, 2007).

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Francois Cambuzat, girovago, sperimentatore e sovvertitore, ha fondato The Kim Squad, che hanno inciso Young Bastards (Virgin, 1987), Notre Dame Des Naufragee (Virgin, 1988), e Uccidiamo Kim (Caesar, 1990)

Il suo progetto successivo, Il Gran Teatro Amaro, ha realizzato Port Famine (RecRec, 1991), Hotel Brennessel (RecRec, 1993) e Piazza Orphelins (RecRec, 1995)

L'Enfance Rouge, trio franco-italiano, ha registrato Swinnoujscie-Tunis (L'Enfance Rouge, 1995) e Reus-Ljubljana (L'Enfance Rouge, 1998), a met tra jazz e musica da camera.

Il trio si ridotto a un duo chitarra-basso per Taurisano-Cajarc (CPI, 1998) e Davos-Lerds (Audioglobe, 2000). Una nuova formazione a tre ha registrato Rostock-Namur (Audioglobe, 2002), Krsko-Valencia (Wallace, 2005), Trapani-Halq al Waady (Wallace, 2008) e Bar-Bari (Wallace, 2011).

Il progetto Putan Club una collaborazione con l'artista multimediale Vincent Fortemps.

La Republique du Sauvage, che ha registrato Constitution (Irfan, 2007), una specie di supergruppo formato da L'Enfance Rouge e Les Hurlements d'Leo.

Putan Club finally debuted on record with Filles de Mai (Toten Schwan, 2017).

Francois Cambuzat was also active in the ethnic-industrial Tunisian-based project Ifriqiyya Electrique, a collaboration with Gianna Greco, that debuted with Ruwahine (2017), in Machine Rouge, a collaboration with actor Denis Lavant, and in Ruuhaaniia, a collaboration with Lotfi Bouchnak.

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