Robert Carty
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Soulscape (CrO2, 1990) **
Atmospheres (CrO2, 1991) **
Natural Wonder (CrO2, 1992) **
Skyhearts (CrO2, 1994) **
High Meditations (Deep Sky, 1996) **
Sky Reaching (Deep Sky, 1996) *
Horizons Call (Deep Sky, 1996) *
Silent Dreams (Deep Sky, 1997) **
Deep Spirit (Deep Sky, 1997) *
Flowing (Deep Sky, 1997) *
Earth Ground (Deep Sky, 1997) *
Spanish Spaces (Deep Sky, 1997) *
Life Rhythms (Deep Sky, 1997) **
Spectrums (Deep Sky, 1997) **
The Magical Life (Deep Sky, 1997) *
The Mystic Choice (Deep Sky, 1998) anthology ***

Robert Carty is a keyboardist who debuted in the vein of Tangerine Dream's cosmic music. The style of Soulscape (1990) was basically still synth-pop (Chrysalis), ethno-disco music (Dreams Of Home) and pop muzak (Miranda), although the melodic fantasy Ethereal and a few atmospheric tracks dispensed with the traditional structure.

The most accomplished tracks of Atmospheres (1991) were the dramatic overture of Secret Reserves (mantra-like melody and pounding percussion) and the pop-jazz theme of Macro, but the album showed progress towards a more abstract form of music (the oneiric floating melodies of Painting Of Skies).

As his technical skills improved, Carty decided to turn towards a more contemplative, meditative, ambient style. Natural Wonder (1992) contains ten medium-length slowly-unfolding electronic vignettes. Each is also an intensely spiritual experience. The pastoral, elegiac tone of Winged Heart betrays an Eastern languor a` la Kitaro. The slow-motion mystery Inner Steps and Insight, the minimalist droning and repetition of Vortex and Love Life, the ecstatic fibrillation of Returning Conscious evoke both Steve Roach and Klaus Schulze. The music is rather derivative and lacks an emotional or technical element that sets it apart from the stereotype.

Skyhearts (1994) added flutes and natural sounds. Other than occasionally increasing the doses of melodic content (Sungreeting) the album displays the same lack of development: the eight-minute fresco of Visions is static and uneventful, and, ultimately, pointless. The density and intensity of Spirits Flow partially remedies the problem, but it is in the 12-minute panorama of Deeply Urging that Carty finally transcends his limits and creates a world of his own.

High Meditations (1996) and Sky Reaching (1996), which contains two lengthy suites, moved towards music for relaxation. Horizons Call (1996) introduced an ethnic emphasis. Silent Dreams (1997) and Deep Spirit (1997), Spectrums (1997) continued the trip towards contemplative music, and Flowing (1997) returned to the format of two lengthy suites. Earth Ground (1997), Spanish Spaces (1997), Life Rhythms (1997) explored more ethnic elements. The Magical Life (1997) featured vocals. As usual with prolific artists, quantity eventually took a toll on quality. Timeless (1998), The Mystic Choice (1998), Darklight (1998), Cloud Full (1999), Source (1999), etc.

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