John Catney
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John Catney is an electronic composer of new-age music equipped with a striking gift for melody. Stories in Music (2006) is a parade of hummable themes, from Sterfon Meets The Coz, that mimicks instrumental easy-listening music of the 1960s, to the folk-ish rhapsody Appalachian Morning, to the neo-classical lied Sailing The Sea, to the light piano fantasia of Nights In Alaska.

Daywalker (2006) is a tribute to jazz music, but it sacrifices too much of Catney's melodic skills to the rhythmic and orchestration grandeur. Catney recovers part of his melodic flair in the festive trilogy of The Bass-ics, The Streets of Oakland and The Maulden Bros but most of the rest is second-rate lounge music. The eight-minute ballad The Stylist might entertain the soft-jazz crowd.

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