Wendy Mae Chambers
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Wendy Mae Chambers (1953), who is also a virtuoso of toy piano, specializes in large-scale neoclassical compositions: Music for Choreographed Rowboats (1979) for 24 musicians in rowboats, One World Percussion (1981) for 50 percussionists, Ten Grand (1983) for ten grand pianos, on Symphony Of The Universe/ Ten Grand (Newport Classic), The Grand Harp Event (1984) for 30 harps, Marimba (1986) for 26 marimbas, Symphony Of The Universe (1989) for 100 timpani, metal percussion, horn soloist, jazz band, choir, organ, and tape; A Mass for Mass Trombones (1993), a nine-movement requiem for 77 trombones (based on the 13th century Mass for the Dead); (Centaur, the 11-movement Twelve Squared (1994), on Twelve Squared (New World, 1998), a voodoo tone poem in memory of John Cage for 12 percussionists, inspired by tarot cards (the last movement is 4'33" of intense sound, a sort of tribute to John Cage's 4'33" of silence); etc. Thus, the 45-minute suite for solo piano Antarctica (1999) is unusual in her repertory. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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