Peter Cusack
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Peter Cusack is a British composer and improviser who had started out in the duo A Touch Of The Sun with clarinetist Simon Mayo documented on Milk Teeth (1975) and with the solo albums After Being In Holland For Two Years (april 1976) and Guitar Solos (june 1976),

Cusack was a member of the legendary Alterations (Bead, 1978) with Steve Beresford, Terry Day and David Toop. They later recorded Voila Enough (march 1981), the live Up Your Sleeve (march 1980), and My Favourite Animals (september 1984).

He also released albums of solo guitar improvisations and played in the live Groups In Front Of People (march 1978) with Evan Parker (soprano and tenor sax), Guus Janssen (piano), Maarten Altena (bas) and Terry Day (drums).

He formed Kahondo Style with Alan Tomlison (trombone and saxes), Clive Bell (flute and accordion), Max Eastley (percussion and violin), David Holmes (percussion and clarinet), Sianed Jones (violin), Stuart Jones (cello and trumpet), and Kazuko Hohki (vocals and bagpipes). They released My Heart's In Motion (1985), Alternate Cake (1985) and Green Tea And Crocodiles (1987).

His first environmental recordings appeared on The Horse Was Alive The Cow Was Dead, mostly recorded between 1998 and 2000. Where is the Green Parrot? (ReR, 2000) mixes quiet, subdued, sparse and somewhat irrational improvisations at stringed and electronic instruments with field recordings and voices.

A Host Of Golden Daffodils (Plate Lunch) documents a 1996 live performance by Peter Cusack (guitar, bouzouki, whistling) and Nicolas Collins (electronics).

Day For Night (Paradigm, 2000) collects "duets" between Cusack's field recordings and Max Eastley's kinetic scupture.

Your Favourite London Sounds 1998-2001 (Resonance, 2002) was his most ambitious work yet. It was followed by the similar Favourite Beijing Sounds (recorded in september 2005).

Baikal Ice (ReR, 2003) is perhaps his most lyrical work: a documentary recording of nature and life by the lake at the end of winter, when the ice begins to melt.

The double-disc Sounds From Dangerous Places (ReR, 2012) added a dramatic dimension by collecting sounds from sites of environmental disasters.

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