Swedish soundsculptor Anders Dahl employed electronics, acoustic instruments and computer simulations of natural sounds to weave the tapestries of Guitar, Bouzouki, Violin, Prepared Speakers (19:45) and Clarinet, Recorder, Computer, Guitar, Bouzouki, Percussion (12:37), off Hundloka, Flockblomstriga 1 (Hapna, 2006), and of the 36-minute piece of Habitat (Kning Disk, 2006).

Doorbells (Bombax, 2008) was devoted to musis for doorbells: Doorbell, Feedback, Tapes, Electronics (26:12), Doorbell, Tuning Fork, Crotale, Clarinet, Recorder, Pitch Pipe, Bouzouki, Guitar, Electronics (20:33) and Doorbell, Electronics, Toy Piano, Sitar, Tapes (16:23).

RGBtapes (CONV, 2008) containd three demonstrations of his electroacoustic chamber music: Tape Rewinder, Electronics (15:28), Springs, Spokes, Electronics, Tapes, Tape Rewinder (15:35) and Electronics, Tapes, Guitar, Clarinet (13:53).

Several Kinds Of Ground (Tyyfus, 2008) was a collaboration with Christian Munthe.