Dik Darnell
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Following The Circle (Etherean, 1990) **
Voice Of The Four Winds (Etherean, 1992) *
Mayan Dream (Etherean, 1993) *
Ceremony (Etherean, 1994) *
Solstice Ceremony (Etherean, 1996) *
In The Presence of Angels (Etherean, 1997) ***
Prophecies (Ethereal, 1998) *

Dik Darnell è un pellerossa, o "native american", che compone collage elettronici di flauti, percussioni, sintetizzatori e suoni naturali. Mayan Dream si serve di un cantante di discendenza Maya.

Walkabout è il progetto multi-etnico di Patrick Walsh, che si accompagna con tablas, didgeridu, violoncello, sitar, tamboura. Dik Darnell presta una mano al sintetizzatore su Koorunba (Ethereal, 1995).

After a fifth album inspired to Native-American music, Solstice Ceremony (Ethereal, 1996), Darnell finally emancipated himself from that cliche' and penned his best work, In The Presence of Angels (Ethereal, 1994), which focuses instead on ambient chamber music for flute, piano, harp and violin.

Prophecies (Ethereal, 1998) is a collaboration with Steven Halpern.

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