David Dunn
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Angels And Insects (1992), 7.5/10 Links:

California-born composer David Dunn (1953), a student of Harry Partch, has devoted his musical career to assemble "Environmental sound works", works that somehow represent the environment and its biological essence. The double-CD Music Language and Environment (Innova) collects six complex compositions that date from 1973 to 1985.

Angels And Insects (Nonsequitur, 1992) summarized his experiments on computer-based processing, at the border between Karlheinz Stockhausen's electronic music, industrial music and sound montage, with two ambitious compositions: Tabula Angelorum Bonorum 49 (that focuses on manipulations of the human voice) and Chaos And The Emergent Mind of the Pond (that focuses on manipulations of field recordings).

The multimedia installation The Lion in Which the Spirits of the Royal Ancestors Make Their Home (1995) was less accessible but more imposing.

Why do Whales and Children Sing? (Earth Ear) contains both a book of essays and a CD of tracks based on natural sounds, and aims to be a guide to "listening in nature".

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