Julius Eastman

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Julius Eastman (1940), a founding member of New York's S.E.M. Ensemble that performed works by avantgarde composers, was also a minimalist composer who composed Trumpet (1970) for seven trumpets, Macle (1971) for four singers, Stay On It (1973) for variable ensemble, Femenine (1974) and Masculine (1974) for chamber orchestra, Dirty Nigger (1978) for chamber ensemble, the trilogy Evil Nigger, Crazy Nigger, and Gay Guerrilla (1979) for four pianos, and The Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc (1981) for ten cellos. Femenine (2016) documents the 1974 performance of what is perhaps his masterpiece. He sang and played keyboards in Arthur Russell's Dinosaur L project, documented on the album 24-24 Music (1982).

A homeless drug-addict, Eastman died in 1990.

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