Robert Een
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Cellist, vocalist and composer Robert Een (1952), a former Meredith Monk collaborator, has explored a number of different styles. His albums Fertile Fields (Buzzbox), with Ted Reichman on accordion and Hearn Gadbois on percussion, Your Life Is Not Your Own (Buzzbox, 1998), a solo album (a collection of songs for voice and cello, some of them rather traditional), Big Joe (Een), Music From Blue Earth feature both extended vocal techniques and avantgarde counterpoint.

He has also composed several movie soundtracks.

Mystery Dances (Starkland, 2002), a collection of works from 1989-92, is a good sample of Een's skills, from Breakdown Eleven, inspired by Michael Nyman's minimalism, to Dirge For Julius, a vocal tour de force, from the accordion-driven raga Mystery Two-Step to the plaintive hymn The Long Journey for male and female voices.

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