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New York-based (since 1981) but British-born percussionist, sound sculptor and multimedia performer Fast Forward has been making music with any kind of object since the day he abandoned electronic music, such as the one on his first album % (Pink Noise, 1981), and adopted Trinidad's steel pan, as documented by the solo performances of Red Raw Steel Drum (Obsolete, 1985) and Rotorblade (Obsolete, 1986). The group performances for percussion instruments on Caffeine Effect (Ear-Rational, 1988) and the solo performances for percussion instruments on Panhandling (Lovely, 1990) alternate intense, relentless, frightening sonic tornados a` la Zev and soothing soundtracks for transcendental trance.

Same Same (Experimental Intermedia, 1995) contains three compositions. The Yin-Yang Merger (1990), a 57-minute composition of which the album contains only a 20-minute excerpt, is dominated by percussion instruments (notably, steel pan and tom-toms) and noises, but the voices and Bob Neill's electronically-processed trumpet create a lively countercurrent.
Feeding Frenzy (1994) is a piece for sounds of cooking and eating. The score is a menu of dishes, and the chef and the waiter are two of the performers. Ikue Mori on drum-machine and Guy Klucevsek on accordion add snippets of "music" to the random cacophony.
The score of Simultaneous Music (1992) consists of instructions that define the style and the tempo for each musician. The six performers (David Shea on turntables, David Moss on percussion, voice and electronics, the composer on guitar, and others on cello, violin, exotic instruments, and noises) have been forbidden to rehearse together until the recording of the piece. Their scores are synchronized, but the musicians are instructed not to listen to each other. The resulting music is rather dissonant and chaotic.

He also premiered a "cooking" concerto, Feeding Frenzy (1999).

It was followed by Zeitenwechsel (DAAD, 2002) and Apollo & Marsyas (Het Apollohuis, 2003).

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