David First

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Privacy Issues (2010) , 7.5/10

David First (1953) was a jazz guitarist who played with Cecil Taylor in 1973, a punk-rocker in Philadelphia whose band Notekillers released the single The Zipper (1980) at the peak of the no-wave movement, an opera composer whose The Manhattan Book of the Dead premiered in 1996, a synthesizer player and an avantgarde composer as documented on Resolver, recorded between 1987 and 1991, and The Good Book's Accurate Jail of Escape Dust Coordinates (1995), and a synth-pop singer-songwriter on Universary (2002). He found his mission in life when he started focusing on massive intricate drones, notably the four of exact equal duration contained in Dave's Waves - A Sonic Restaurant (premiered in 2002 - Ants, 2003).

Privacy Issues (XI, 2010) collects "droneworks" from 1996 to 2009: the 36-minute hypercharged cosmic trip of Zen Guilt/Zen Blame (1996), A Bet on Transcendence Favors the House (1998) for ebow guitar, that stages one of the most dramatic evolutions, My Veil Evades Detection; My Veil Defies Exhaustion; My Veil and I Divorce (2001) for clarinet, guitar, ebow guitar, piano and violin, a solemn fusion of "deep listening" and chamber music, the dissonant and polyphonic The Softening Door (2003) for electronics, possibly the most disorienting and "psychedelic" piece, the 31-minute "rhythmic" Aw (2003) for guitar and electronics, that wraps drones around a dripping-like metronome and then intones a frantic pulsation that becomes more and more anguished, and the sophisticated 41-minute Pipeline Witness Apologies to Dennis (2008) for ebow guitar, computer, electronic keyboards, and two trombones, The latter initially blends howls and hisses in a symphonic manner and then sets in motion a descending scale of rumbles. Towards the end the trombones and the keyboards begin to mumble melodic fragments in an almost tender manner.

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