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Eloy Fritsch was born in 1968 in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. At the age of 13 he began to work in the larger local radio with his father, an electronic engineer. During breaks from work he used to spend hours listening to LPs of the radio's collection. His life changed after listening to some composers of electronic music, his fascination for progressive electronic music started at that early time. He decided then to study music and to create a band together with school classmates.

In 1983, they formed Apocalypse, which have enjoyed a broad public all over the area. Fritsch studied piano, cello and strings. He played organ at the school band until he bought his first synthesizer, Korg MS-10. In 1986, with the advent and proliferation of computers, Fritsch started computer science studies and graduated in 1991. Sometimes he played wiht the local Symphonic Orchestra and took part at the University chorus

With APOCALYPSE, Fritsch recorded the following albums: APOCALYPSE (Acit/ Brazil/1990), Perto do Amanhecer (Musea/France/1995), Aurora dos Sonhos (Musea/France/1996), Lendas Encantadas (Musea/France/1997), The Best of APOCALYPSE (Atracao/Brazil/1998) and APOCALYPSE Live in USA (Rock Symphony/Brazil/2000). In 1993, he acquired a synthesizer minimoog, a Korg 01/W and a Roland JD-800. At that period, Eloy Fritsch composed for Apocalypse band. However, some music didn't fit the style of a rock band, limiting the ideas and musical ambitions of Fritsch. He composed at the weekends, during break times of rehearsals. That's because at that time he should give priority to the contract signed with the French recording company MUSEA for the conclusion of Perto do Amanhecer CD

In 1994, Eloy Fritsch decided to register in studio his compositions and launches his first CD, that was named Dreams. His first work was very influenced by science fiction films such as 2001 Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Galactic and Star Trek. His passion for the space is perfectly identified in his music. The composer's feeling in relation to the possibility of not being alone in the Universe, the fact of not understanding our existence, our little knowledge on the magnificent Cosmos and the surprises that await us in the future, all that is transformed into music. This feelings allied to technological resources of sequencers and keyboards motivated even more the accomplishment of his first electronic compositions.

In 1997 he set up his own recording studio with several keyboards, among them Ensoniq MR-76 and Roland JP-8000. After recording the Cds Aurora dos Sonhos and Lendas Encantadas, the band APOCALYPSE has devoted basically to release and divulge the collection The Best of Apocalypse, accomplished in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. Then Fritsch has dedicated more to electronic compositions. In 1997, the CD Behind the Walls of Imagination was influenced by the keyboard players of the 70's. Unlike Dreams, the 1997 album approaches more the progressive than new age music, creating climates that take the listener to other horizons. The CD received countless praises of critics, which motivated the composer to record new songs. Eloy Fritsch signed contract with MUSEA records of France to launch the album SPACE MUSIC under electronic music Dreaming label.

After beginning the PhD in Computer Music, Fritsch assumes in 1999 as teacher of Electronic Music at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre. Besides writing several articles in the technical area, Fritsch has devoted to compose a new work. Meanwhile, he signed contract with Azul Records to include three of its compositions in the New Collections Planet, that released 60 thousand copies all over the country. In 1999 he created Electroacoustic Music Lab in the Institute of Arts at UFRGS, the largest laboratory of electronic music of the south of Brazil, with a large number of computers, keyboards, music software and record systems. The Lab started activities in the first Semester of 2000. Still in 1999, the band Apocalypse was in evidence in the ProgDay99 in the USA, where Fritsch was chosen the best keyboardist of the Festival. That concert brought a double live album called Live in USA released by Rock Symphony Label of Rio de Janeiro

The same music company also signs with Eloy Fritsch to publish the CD CYBERSPACE. In the turning of the year 2000, he acquires the modular synthesizer Roland SYSTEM-700 Laboratory with 49 modules for synthesis and analogical sequencer. It is used in sound synthesis classes at the University and in APOCALYPSE's performances in Porto Alegre. The CD Cyberspace is released in July 2000. After 73 minutes and 6 seconds we have visited a place that only exists in this album and which starts in our imagination from the moment we listen to the album.

Eloy Fritsch released the album MYTHOLOGY in December 2001. The music mixes orchestral textures and electronics following the same line of the previous CDs Space Music and Cyberspace. With this release, Eloy Fritsch stands as the greatest Brazilian representative of the progressive eletronic and new age.

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