James Fulkerson
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James Fulkerson (1945), an American native who moved to Europe in 1973 and eventually (1989) settled in Holland, rapidly became the most celebrated trombone player of his generation. He released albums of compositions for trombone by John Cage (1992) and Christian Wolff (2000).

On the other hand, he has released very little of his own compositions: Works (Lovely, 1980) contains Suite for Solo Cello, Music for Brass Instruments II, Antiphonies and Streams, Co-Ordinative Systems No. 10; and Force Fields and Spaces (Etcetera, 1992) contains Force Fields and Spaces (1981) for trombone and electronics, one of his most ambitious works.

However, he has composed hundreds of works, starting with the Quintet No 1 (1965) and the Quintet No 2 (1966), both scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn and bassoon. Other quintets and quartets followed, including the String Quartet No 1 (1968), String Quartet No 2 (1972), String Quartet No 3 (1982), String Quartet No 4 (1990), String Quartet No 5 (1992). In parallel, he composed a huge amount of chamber music for the most diverse instruments, including: Space Music (1970), Space Music II (1971) and Space Music III (1972) for any number of pianos; Sonata A (1982) and Sonata B (1982), both for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano; etc.

He has also composed Guitar Concerto (1972), Trombone Concerto (1973), Concerto for Amplified Cello (1978), Concerto "fierce and coming from far away" (1981), Mini-concerto (1984) for trombone and brass ensemble; Concerto for Amplified Violin (1992), Concerto "Pessoa III" (1993) for trombone, tape, live electronics; Double Concerto (2002) for two pianos, Symphony No 1 (1980) and a Symphony No 2 (1996) for bass guitar, 2 percussions and MIDI-ensemble.

In the electroacoustic realm, he has produced: Antiphonies and Streams (1978), for trombone, tape delay and ring modulator; Stationary Fields Moving Fields (1979), for amplified trombone, amplified cello and tape delay; Elective Affinities (1980), for amplified trombone, amplified cello, ensemble, tape and live electronics; Music of Parts (1986), for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and tape; Traces and Moments (1987), for trombone, tape and live electronics; The Archaeology of Silence (1991) for mezzo-soprano, tape and live electronics.

He has scored several ballets and two dance dramas: Faust (1993) and Antigone (1994).

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