Ellen Fullman

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Memphis-born sound sculptor Ellen Fullman (1957) began performing in the late 1970s, with sound installations such as Metal Skirt Sound Sculpture (1980). She then fell in love with the extended tones generated by long, vibrating wires, and devoted herself to just intonation via a self-built "long string instrument", made of 100 wires (30-meter long bass strings and 10- to 20-meter long treble strings) played simultaneously by three performers. Her first compositions/performances for this instrument are documented on Long String Instrument (Apollo, 1985) and Change of Direction (New Albion, 1999).

Body Music (XI, 1992) contains Work for 4 (1987), performed on a 40-meter long string installation (her first composition for an ensemble), Bass Song (1992), and Body Music (1992), epic-scale works that stand as ragas of the post-industrial age. imbued with corrosive grace and savage elegance.

Suspended Music (Periplum, 1997) is a collaboration between Ellen Fullman on her long string instrument and Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Band. Fullman's 40-minute Texas Travel Texture debuted here, and is by far the most intriguing of the two pieces.

Fullman has also scored the dance piece Movement Meditation (1996), for 150 women trained in martial arts, and the quartet Stratified Bands - Last Kind Words (2002).

Ort (Choose, 2004) is a collaboration between Ellen Fullman and Konrad Sprenger (an alias for producer Jorg Hiller) that has nothing to do with her main career. It is merely a collection of alt-country songs.

Staggered Stasis (Anomalous, 2004) returns to her droning minimalist overtones. It is probably the most intense and dramatic exposition of her aesthetics since Body Music.

Fluctuations (2008) is a collaboration with trombonist Monique Buzzarte.

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