Peter Garland
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Peter Garland (1952), a student of Harold Budd and James Tenney, A musicologist who has lived in Mexico to conduct research on Hispanic music, and whose compositions are influenced by Native American music.

Border Music (OO, 1992) contains the three-movement Cantares de la Frontera (1986) and Three Strange Angels.

Walk In Beauty (New Albion, 1992) contains two pieces for solo piano (the six-movement Walk In Beauty and Jornada del Muerto) and one for piano, violin, vibes and percussion.

Nana + Victorio (Avant, 1993) contains two compositions dating from the 1980s: the extended six-part solo percussion piece Nana + Victorio, and the brief Penasco Blanco (1984), for piano and vibes.

The Days Run Away (Tzadik, 2000) collects solo piano vignettes (mostly from the 1970s) that echo Erik Satie.

Waves Breaking on Rocks (Elegy for All of Us), (New World, 2011) collects a six-movement suite composed in 2003 for pianist Aki Takahashi and the Roque Dalton Songs performed by The Santa Fe New Music Orchestra.

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