Glass Orchestra
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Glass Orchestra was founded in 1977 in Toronto by five musicians, three of whom (Miguel Frasconi, Marvin Green, and Eric Cadesky) had helped David Tudor set up his Rain Forest installation in 1974 with glass loudspeakers. On their first album, The Glass Orchestra (recorded 1977 - Music Gallery Editions, 1978), Eric Cadesky, Paul Hodge and the others employed a number of instruments made of glass. The group improvisation in A2 is slow and intense, focusing on a cascade of long hypnotic drones, reminiscent of Indian and Tibetan vocal music. A4 mimicks Tibetan bells. B1 sounds like a free-jazz jam, a very abstract soundpainting. The low-key droning of B2, the album's highlight, evokes ghostly atmospheres, a separate world of intangible forms, in a vein not too different from Ligeti's chamber music.

Their fourth album was Human (recorded 1988 - Gomuse, 1989).

Euroglass 8 and Euroglass 9 were recorded live im february 1980.

Original founder Miguel Frasconi continued to record music for glass objects and keyboards.

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