Malcolm Goldstein
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Violinist Malcolm Goldstein (USA, 1936) has focused on the convergence of classical composition and free improvisation. He debuted with Soundings For Solo Violin (october 1979), containing two lengthy pieces.

The Seasons - Vermont (february 1980 - Folkways, 1983 - XI, 1998), a decade-long project, contains four improvised collages for tape, natural sounds, voice, industrial sounds, dissonant ensemble. Summer is stunning in the sheer amplitude of contrasts, from gurgling water to shrieking accordion, from chaotic chamber music to chirping birds, from bells to engines. Autumn sounds more organic and menacing, at a slower pace and with greater reliance on instrumental timbres. Winter, the longest movement/improvisation, employs sustained sounds rather than discrete sounds, which increases the nightmarish quality of the music. The brief Spring is about the instruments creating rhythmic patterns, as if resonating with each other and with the sound of water.

The two suites of Vision Soundings (march 1984) also featured cello.

Goldstein plays Goldstein (1994) contains four new works for solo violin.

Live At Fire In The Valley 1997 (july 1997) includes three major solo : improvisations: From Configurations In Darkness, When The River Overflows, My Feet Is Tired But My Soul Is Rested.

Sounding the New Violin (july 1991 - Nonsequitur, 1992) collects performances of works written for him by other composers and a recording of his own Sounding the Fragility of Line (1988).

Chants Caches (november 1997 - Ambiances Magnetiques, 1999), with drummer John Heward and guitarist Rainer Wiens, the pan-ethnic jams of Music for Violin & Percussion/ The Smell of Light (1999), with percussionist Matthias Kaul, Speaking in Tongues (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2003), with percussionist Ganesh Anandan and guitarist Rainer Wiens, document his activity as a creative improviser.

The live Monsun (october 1996) was a collaboration with bassist Peter Niklas Wilson. Soil (march 2002) was a collaboration with pianist Masashi Harada.

Hardscrabble Songs (In Situ, 2006)

A Sounding of Sources (2007) contains: Configurations in Darkness (1995) for solo violin, Configurations in Darkness (1995) for violin, bass clarinet, flute, cello and trombone, Ishi/Timechangingspaces (1988) for solo violin, Ishi/"Man Waxati" Soundings (1988) for violin and voice.

Birds Abide (may 2010) documents a live performance by the trio of violinist Malcolm Goldstein, vocalist Catherine Jauniaux and contrabassist Barre Phillips.

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