John Grzinich

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John Grzinich (aka Jgrzinich) is a builder of amplified piano wire instruments, who uses them to compose even more sophisticated sound sculptures. He has created video and audio installations in Eastern Europe.

Alial Straa is the live electro-acoustic ensemble that John Grzinich and Seth Nehil formed in 1994, documented on Tunnels/Stairwell (Orogenetics, 1997 - Alluvial, 2000) that also featured Olivia Block.

Notable collaborations include: The Stomach Of The Sky (1997) with Michael Northam, The Absurd Evidence (1998) with Michael Northam, Gyre (2006) with Seth Nehil.

Grzinich's recordings include: Intimations (CMR, 2004), that diluted and abstracted piano sounds, and then merged them with field recordings of cicadas, birds and waves; Insular Regions (SIRR-ecords, 2005), whose sources were all collected from a small village in Estonia, almost a personal transfigured diary of life in that town; Equal and Distant Lines (Cloud of Statics, 2005); and Rudiment Of Two (Edition Sonoro, 2007); that used sounds collected in many different places.

Grzinich was also a member of the improvising collective Frequency Curtain (Elevator Bath, 2003) with Rick Reed and Josh Ronsen, and of the live improvisation ensemble ERG with Michael Northam, partially documented on Geosynclines (Flenix, 1998).

The Revenant ensemble that recorded Topolo (Prele, 2009) consisted of John Grzinich, Murmer (Patrick McGinley), Spiracle (Hitoshi Kojo), Yannich Dauby and Olivier Fernaud. They all contributed field recordings and found sounds.

The double disc Lind Raud Aastaajad (Invisible Birds, 2012) consists of one disc of field recordings by Yannick Dauby and one disc of "remixes" by John Grzinich and Murmer (Patrick McGingley).

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