Tom Heasley
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Los Angeles-based tuba improviser and electronic composer Tom Heasley, who played in Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra, manipulated the sound of the tuba in order to produce the ambient music of Where the Earth Meets the Sky (Hypnos, 2001), that includes Ground Zero, and On the Sensations of Tone (Innova, 2002), mainly devoted to the colossal live improvisation Thonis.

Desert Triptych (Farfield, 2005) collects three "meditations for didjeridu, voice and electronics". Joshua Tree is all ghostly wails and dark textures. The 28-minute Solitude is more stationary and galactic, driven by a much looser (Buddhist-like) concept of time. 29 Palms sounds like the distant echo of monks chanting in another universe, but, at about the ninth minute, their "voices" change register and assume an angelic quality, and, as they fade away, they keep changing timbre.

Passages (Full Bleed Music, 2007) is a collaboration with percussionist Anastasios "Toss" Panos. The centerpiece of the five improvisations is the 24-minute Different Worlds, that begins like Jon Hassell performing Strauss' waltz on a tuba but ends, after a gentle flow of tidal melodic fragments, in chaotic and cryptic burbling.

Echoes of Syros (Full Bleed Music, 2009) documents a live improvisation by Stuart Dempster, Eric Glick-Rieman and Tom Heasley. Tom Heasley.

Varistar (2009) documents a 1999 live improvisation with cornetist Bobby Bradford and guitarist Ken Rosser.

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