Bob Holroyd
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Fluidity And Structure (Holroyd, 1995) ***
Stages (Soundscape Music, 1996) **

Discepolo spirituale di Deuter, il britannico Bob Holroyd è emerso con le partiture più sofisticate di Fluidity And Structure. Brani come On The Forest Floor compongono un collage ipertecnologico di world-music attraverso un uso massiccio di campionamenti alla Deep Forest, aumentati da sonorita` alla Jon Hassell.

A Different Space (Six Degrees, 2000) shifted gear and plunged Holroyd into a more popular brand of world-music (Drumming Up A Storm) and transglobal dance (African Drug), a trend continued on Without Within (Six Degrees, 2003) with pieces such as Looking Back.

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